Alexis White


With both grandparents being photographers Alexis White became fascinated by photography at a young age. Over the years the Berlin based photographer teached himself the craft of photographing and developed his own style. Alexis loves to play with colour, light and reflection, giving his images a special and distinctive mood. His work is refined, artistic and always leaving you wanting to see more! 

Back in the days White and a friend had to shoot artists portraits for their music project. The two borrowed a camera and decided to take pictures of each other and everything that they thought looked good on film. This - together with having grandparents working in the creative scene - was the starting point of a fascinating career. Nowadays Alexis is a photographer and director with many years of experience in shooting styles ranging from modern and fashionably alternative art up to artistic nude photography. 

Want to find out more about Alexis? We had a nice chat with this talentent photographer. You can read our interview with him here. Also don't forget to check out his inspiring website and Instagram page.

Instagram @alexiswhte