Cayetano González

Cayetano Gonzalez.jpg

Cayetano González always wanted to become a painter and was fascinated by artists like Sorolla, Velázquez, Rembrand and Delacroix. Well, to us Cayateno became exactly what he wanted to become, this guy “paints” the most amazing images with his camera.

It all began at High School when González had the opportunity to work on a short film. Afterwards he was convinced he wanted to have a job in the film industry one day, and so he decided to study Film in Valencia. After this period Cayetano freelanced for a television production company for a year. At the organization everything was being recorded on tapes, and the cinematography quality he was searching for was unattainable. Fortunately, his grandfather - who was also working in the field of visual arts - lent González his Leica and everything changed from there on. “I slowly began to learn how to use different cameras and I definitely knew I found my calling...” Knowing exactly what he wanted to do, but wanting to expand his art knowledge, Cayetano came to the conclusion to also study Fine Arts, from which the last two years he focussed mainly on Contemporary Art, Cinema and Photography.

Cayetano is specialised in natural light and tries to direct his work towards a more natural feel, creating atmospheres that recall the painters he’s always admired. 

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