Enchanted by photography

STAFF. Well. We are a couple with a diverse set of skills and similar taste in art. 



Artistic Director 

I think it was probably Amsterdam that changed it all for me. While studying here I got introduced to the creative scene and the various individuals within. Some of them photographers, performing artists, DJ's and Fashion Designers. Growing up in a small town this was equal shocking as inspiring and it drew me in immidiately. It’s today I realize that those beginning years are the foundation of Scenius Gallery.

Now. Years later. With a master's degree in New Media and after getting lost several times. It is time to share my enchantment for photography with you.

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Read my interview with Mendo if you’re curious to find out more.

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Managing Editor

From designing clothes with my grandmother and studying Fashion Styling to working for several platforms such as Frame Publishers and Glamour magazine, I’ve been quite busy in the creative industry. Rather it was doing sales, marketing or writing articles. In my position at Scenes Gallery all of this comes together.  And the best thing: I’m surrounded with the most refined photography.

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This is life. 
Not heaven.
You don't have
to be perfect.