📸 Behind The Lens: Alexis White

Hey, we’re Robbert and Priscilla. We started this platform because we fell in love with photography. We want to use this monthly rubric 'behind the lens' to fulfill our curiosity and reach out to our favourite artists: the men and women behind the lens. This time we had a nice chat with Alexis White

Alexis White is a Berlin based photographer and director who has many years experience in shooting styles ranging from modern and fashionably alternative art up to artistic nude photography. White is a photographer by choice and passion, he loves to play with colours, light and reflection, giving his pictures a special and distinctive mood. 

Alexis White

What inspired you to take your first photograph and which camera did you use?

"In 2012, a friend and I needed artist portraits for our music projects. With a borrowed a camera from a photo shop where one of my other buddies was an intern. We photographed each other and everything we thought was looking good on film. That was kind of the first time I got more interested in photography. Around that time I also bought my first camera, a Canon EOS 60D."

Alexis White

Did you study photography or are you self-taught?

"My grandparents were full-time photographers and were able to teach me my first skills. Later, I taught myself more and more and started to develop my own style."

What is your current camera set up?

"I have many different cameras, but most of the time I use the Sony Alpha 7rII or a Contax G2 with 35mm lenses."

Alexis White

Which other artists have influenced you in your life? 

"Oh, there are some. Edgar Berg, Jean-Philippe Lebée, Damien Vignaux, Théo Gosselin, Hannes Casper, Laura Makabresku and a few more."

If we look at your portfolio you seem to prefer working with natural lightning, why this preference?

"In my initial phase as a photographer it made my job easier, not having to take a whole light system with me if I had to shoot on location. Aside from that I also like the look of natural light. These days I work with all kinds of light, from natural to photo lamps." 

Alexis White

What if we gave you cart blanche, what subject and shooting location would you choose?

"There is a large Wilhelminian apartment in Berlin on the Paul-Lincke-Ufer with a large glass dome and a beautiful garden on the roof. I would think there's no better place to live. Taking pictures in that space is a nice thought."

What reaction do you aim to inspire in people when they view your photography?

"Simply fascination"

If you had to choose one of out of all your photographs, which one would it be?

"There is a photo of the model Raina Masters in which she has a cigarette in her mouth and I give her fire with a sparkler. This picture is one of my personal favourites. It really inspires me."

Alexis White

Any upcoming photographers we should be checking out?

"Yes, there are some very good talents like Nikk Martin (@nikkmartincom), Franz Becker (@fanz.becker) and Anna Motschmann (@annamotschmann).

Want to see more of Alexis's work? Check out his website or Instagram page.

Website alexiswhite.de
Instagram @alexiswhte