📸 Behind The Lens: Isabella Lanaro

Hey, we’re Robbert and Priscilla. We started this platform because we fell in love with photography. We want to use this monthly rubric 'behind the lens' to fulfill our curiosity and reach out to our favourite artists: the men and women behind the lens. This time we had a nice chat with Isabella Lanaro.

For the people that don’t know this talented photographer...let us introduce you to Isabella Lanaro. Isabella was born in Venezuela, but grew up in Miami and is one of those photographers who developed a very distinctive signature. We can point her images out from miles away: sun drenched, saturated colors, strong compositions, stunner girls and a touch of grain. Let’s stop rattling and shoot some questions!

Isabella Lanaro

What inspired you to take your first photograph and which camera did you use?

I had terrible eye sight growing up and didn’t realize I needed glasses until my late teens, so most of the time I actually used my camera to see clearly. It was a Nikon D3000.

Isabella Lanaro

Did you study photography or are you self-taught?

A bit of both. I learned it myself until I went to an academy in Italy.

What is your current camera set up and what is your favorite lens?

I use my Nikon D5500 with either my 35mm lens or my favourite my 85mm. 

Isabella Lanaro

Which other artists have influenced you, and how did they influence your thinking, photographing and career path?

I always really admired the work of Herb Ritts, Henrik Purienne and Jean Pierrot. Looking at their work always showed me you didn’t have to be completely commercial to be able to be successful. They stayed true to their vision whether it was commercial work or personal projects. They made you want to be the people in their photographs and live the dream you were being shown.

Isabella Lanaro

If we look at your portfolio you seem to prefer working with natural lightning, why this preference?

I love the feeling natural light gives you, sense of carefree living and it automatically puts you at ease. You can try to imitate it as much as you want but nothing compares to shooting outside. 

What if we gave you carte blanche, what subject and shooting location would you choose?

Lately I’ve really had an itch to shoot something in the Sahara desert with a model, just bare and very natural. 

Isabella Lanaro

What reaction do you aim to inspire in people and how do you actually get your photographs to do that?

I want them to have that “I want to be there” moment. I try to enjoy my job as much as I can, just live the moment while I’m in it. 

If you had to choose one of out of all your photographs, which one would it be?

Right now my favourite photograph is a black and white photograph I took of Cassidy Foley in Miami (picture below). I’m fascinated by her face and the energy she gives off.

Isabella Lanaro
Isabella Lanaro

Any up and coming photographers we should be checking out?

Brandon Depuma (@depuma) , Bronson (@bronsonv), Mckenzie Wayne (@waynefrancis__) and Marili Andre (@mariliandre).

Isabella Lanaro

Want to see more of Isabella's work? Check out her website or Instagram page.

Website isabellalanaro.com
Instagram @isalanaro

Isabella Lanaro