Oh Summer, you sexy devil

Hair swaying in the soft wind, sand in the car and no tomorrow on your mind... In our first edition of ‘Artists to Follow’ you’ll find a few of our favourite artists from whom their work makes us long for an infinite Summer.


Dennis Swiatkowski


Dennis Swiatkowski is a photographer and video director, intrigued by the power of images and the pureness of the human body. Growing up between the canals of Amsterdam and the sunshine smiles of Cape Town, he developed his own sense of style, portraying small fractures of time and embracing the fullness of life. 
Instagram @dennisswiatkowski


Sam Lebib


Oh dear! We have a new favorite photographer on our list. Sam Lebib just kills it! Scrolling trough his work on instagram is just balm for our souls.
Instagram @samlebib



We adore Venice based photographer Jean Pierrot. Pierrot is able to photograph the allure of waterways and personal charm in a soft and personal manner. He is making waves with his soft yet striking imagery of sun-kissed muses.
Instagram @pierrot


Frank van Bennekom

Van Bennekom’s work often has a nostalgic aesthetic, supported by his use of soft colour film and choice of vintage cameras. In his serie 'Sweet Escape' - all pictures taken on film on the magical Island Capri - Summer never ends. 
Instagram @frankvanbennekom


Jonny Seelenmeyer

Jonny Seelenmeyer’s photographs predominantly feature hot, chaotic, summer scenes across Australia and Europe.