Up close and personal

Enjoyed our first edition of 'Artists to follow'. Good news, here's another one already.
Rather it is a private moment, zooming in on objects or certain body parts, these photographers know how to capture something special with their unique eye for detail.


Yan Senez


Yan Senez is a photographer operating from his studio in Paris. Yan is a master in controlling light rays. His images are often dreamy and moody. In combination with his eye for detail he deserves to be first in this 'details' list.
Instagram: @yan_senez


Aj Ragasa


They say that the devil is in the details. Ragasa is killing it, we just can't stop scrolling trough his instagram feed.
Instagram @cave.subject


Melissa Cartagena

When we discuss details, we cannot skip this colombian mamacita. Melissa Cartagena is on the rise, while her attention to detail is maintained.  
Instagram @perazna


Stefan Deyn

Stefan Deyn is a French photographer with a liking for 35mm film and capturing the beauty of women from his homeland. For more of Stefan’s work, feel free to lurk his Instagram. Psst... like what you see? You can buy some of his finest work over here.
Instagram @stefandeyn


Alexis White

Alexis White is a Berlin based photographer and director who has many years experience in shooting artistic nude photography. He loves to use colour, light and reflection, giving his pictures a special and distinctive mood.
Instagram @alexiswhte


That's all for now folks. Hope you've enjoyed this edition as much as we did!