In today’s 'someone to follow' we display artists who deal with our favorite element: water

In ancient Greek mythology, supernatural sea nymphs are referred to as Nereids (ne-reeds) and were believed to inhabit the oceans, representing everything that is beautiful about the sea. The Nereids were reputed to be the most beautiful and beguiling of the sea nymphs. Like all nymphs, the Nereids had the gift of prophecy and divination…


Jean Philippe Piter


Jean-Philippe Piter is a French photographer well known also for his portraits of celebrities, art nudes and his underwater photography (as you can see above). He is currently focusing on Art Nudes, Interiors, Architecture and Private Sessions. 
Instagram: @jeanphilippepiterphotography


David van Dartel

David van Dartel.jpg

David van Dartel is a 23-year-old photographer from Amsterdam. His images take you on a journey through the beautiful and melancholy landscapes of our country: the skies, the forests, the coasts and of course this insane water-photography.
Instagram @davidvandartel


Jason Lee Parry

Jason Lee Perry kopie.jpg

Self-taught photographer Jason Lee Parry first picked up a camera at age fifteen. He mostly shoots film on location with all natural light, approaching each shoot like he was making a movie, pushing the model into character. His images evoke undiluted sexiness mixed with a feeling of youthful freedom.
Instagram @jasonleeparry


Sebastian Sabal-Bruce

Sebastian Sabal-Bruce kopie.jpg

Born in Santiago de Chile, Sebastian Sabal-Bruce spent his whole life assisting his father who was a fine art and portrait photographer and getting the necessary sensibility from his mother who was a painter. His photography is directly influenced by cinema, viewing the models as characters, adding emotion and strength to beauty.
Instagram @sebastiansabalbruce


Sylvè Colles

Sylve Colless kopie.jpg

Australian born, Sylvè Colless's interest in photography began from a young age. Drawing inspiration from film and art, Colless's rich and evocative images encompasses advertising, editorial and personal work. Based in America, Sylvè is currently working on her 5th solo exhibition. A body of personal work exhibiting in America, Australia and Europe.
Instagram @sylvescollessss

Damon Loble

Damon kopie.jpg

Damon Loble is an American photographer who lives in Los Angeles, California. Whether in the studio or on his travels, Damon’s Hasselblad and Nikon cameras are his permanent companions. With a narrative, almost cinematic touch, his photographs convey this sense of intimacy and sincerity.
Instagram @damonloble

Xenie Zasetskaya

Xenie Zasetskaya kopie.jpg

Xenie Zasetskaya is a Russian photographer specialized in both photography and cinematography.
Instagram @xenichez


That's all for now folks. Hope you've enjoyed this edition as much as we did!