Melissa Cartagena


Melissa Cartagena is a photographer, filmmaker and visual artist from Medellín, Colombia. Her work doesn’t rest on a specific technique, yet she developed a very recognisable style and signature. She possesses the peace and confidence to improvise and relies on her intuition to snap on that decisive moment where everything falls together; this is what we call talent!

Cartagena gets her inspiration from everyday life, the ordinary, shapes and forms of objects that relate or contradict the lines and textures of the female body. This talented Colombian chica uses a natural approach, wherein she works with natural lightning and is very careful with editing her images. Her intention is to transfer the beauty in front of the lens as natural and pure to the spectator.

While following her vision Melissa is developing a very special project called Docile, in witch she is portraying around one hundred women, shaping the face of the Colombian femininity. These South American women are beautiful and independent, with stories that make you shudder. In the midst of that feeling they can personify and bring to light the splendid sensual beings they are. The result is composed by the interplay between model and photographer. Curious to see more work of this mamacita? Check out her website or Instagram. 

Instagram @perazna