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We are encouraged to believe that there are just a few great photographers who sort of appeared out of nowhere. In this ‘Great Man’ theory of history artists are labeled as ‘geniuses’ and you pay big bucks to hang them on your wall. Here at Scenius we know that this isn’t a true picture. We see very fertile scenes within photography – some of them artists, some of them collectors, some of them curators, thinkers or theorists – an ecology of talent. So, in contrary to ‘geniuses’ we feel more adhesive with the term ‘scenius’: “Scenius is like genius only embedded in a scene rather than in genes” - B. Eno. This is a more useful way to think about photographic culture. Instead of focussing on a few known and well-recognized artists, we strive

for a deeper understanding of their total photographic ecology. This way we are able to recognize emerging, exceptional and influential artists throughout our specific scenes. 

While offering both visual and experimental content to all of those who want to remain cognizant and be inspired, our gallery explores the sweet liminal zone between nudity, portrait, and unabashed innocence of youth culture. Scenius Gallery represents the work of five international analog photographers. With our hand signed and numbered limit edition art prints we strive to inspire and serve art enthusiasts and art collectors all over the world. 

Scenius is like genius only embedded in a scene rather than in genes